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WELLers Walk
In Loving Memory Ma Kah Dinga
In March of 2009, I lost my dear sister Ma Kah Rosemary Dinga Fokum due to stomach complications. In her honor, I started the MaKah Water for All Foundation. I hope to raise money to build 40 pump wells in rural areas in Cameroon, West Africa. In December of 2009, the first well was completed in the "Bamumbu" village. To date 14 pump wells have been completed. In honor of Ma Kah, I hope their lives will forever be better. You can join me as a group, a family, a company, or an individual to continue in building these wells. Each well cost about $5000. Your name, family name, or group's name will be appear on a plaque as the donor, or you can make small contributions towards a well. Sam Sam Dinga Founder Makah Water for All
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NEWS: WELLers Walk: Ever wonder what it women and children go through to get water for their daily use? The WELLers Walk will give you a chance to walk in thier shoes for about 2 hours. Learn More Latest Well: Two pump Wells handed over to the people of Bandrefam Volunteer & Learn: What if you could combine volunteering and tourism in one trip? Call it "VoLearn" Read More Students can earn credit while you volunteer with Makah Water for All: You can earn 3 credits as you volunteer with Makah Water for All, visit the high lands of Cameroon and learn the rich African culture. Read More Next Well Starts 12/26/2014 sponsored by Paul & Jean Baillon of Sunfish Lake MN WELL Sponsors (Wellers) (these generous people/families have sponsored a Pump Well; $5000 donation). 1. LPC class of 2010, Stevens Point Wisconsin - Completed January 2010 2. Marty & Becky Loy and family of Stevens Point Wisconsin - January 2011 3. Mary Rose and Doug Janson - Wisconsin - January 2011 4. Sackmann Family of Medford Wisconsin - Completed June 2011 5. Jim & Krista Mendyke and family of Stevens Point Wisconsin - Completed July 2013 6. John & Patty Noel and family of Stevens Point WI - Completed January 2013 7. Paul & Jean Baillon and family of Sunfish Lake MN - Completed June 2013 8. Act Compassionately Together - Switzerland - Completed June 2014 9. Shya Lou Goes To Arica - Switzerland - Completed June 2014 Want to sponsor a WELL? here is how
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